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Dry Cleaning & Laundry

Dry Cleaning & Laundry

At Pressto, each garment goes through a tailor made 7-Stage individual cleaning process in the retail store itself by a well trained team of specialists. Pressto is doing much more than taking out just the physical dirt. The team focuses onits core value ‘Live Clean’ which stands for transparency in store operations, hygienic cleaning and superior customer service. At Pressto stores, customers get a full understanding of the treatment of their garment, and so the customer feels totally at ease. One of the unique offerings of Pressto’s quality services includes distilling of a cleaning solvent after each cycle to ensure and maintain highest hygiene levels.

To maintain quality, store operations are broken into stations and at each station quality checks take place. The first stage is where the garment is inspected, following which it goes to stain treatment station where each stain is removed with care. Moving on, it goes to steam pressing and then packing. At each station, the person who handles the garment checks the quality of the previous station before sending it forward. At the time of garment delivery at the counter, the customer receives the garment on a hangeror folded so that they can personally check the quality and can share feedbackand remarks accordingly. Customers can interact with trained garment care specialists, demand customised finish for their garments and receive a computerised bill highlighting their specific instructions for each garment and even things like delivery date and time.

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