We all have our favorite shoes and bags. It is paramount to maintain and give regular treatment to prolong their beauty and life.

Cleaning and polishing needs to be done on a regular basis, ideally once a quarter especially with changing of seasons. Such as fungus treatment after the monsoon.

A man’s handmade shoes are repaired with utmost care and craftsmanship.

Our expertise enable us to completely replace soles and heels with either leather, rubber or a mix of both as per your prefrence. Futher, you can choose the thickness of the sole and whether you want it stiched or pasted.



Women’s shoes are not only expensive but delicate in nature.

Special care is taken while replacing a broken heel tip or placing a toe piece to prevent the shoe front from getting damaged.

Cleaning, repairing and restoring of shoes, bags and accessories requires specialized skills and experience. For example, what cleaning material and products should be utilized depending on the types of leather such as pigmented, aniline, lacquered, suede or nubuck.



The most treasured item on a woman is her bag. It calls for special attention and care.

At Pressto COBBLER, we take care of woman’s bags. Whether it is cleaning, repairing or restoring. And when your original colour isn’t enough, we generally recommend to re-color your shoes and bags.

Your shoes and bags are packed in our signature luxurious and breathable bags; with or without butter paper to support the form and shape of your precious shoes and bags. You can even opt for premium packing with a classy pair of wooden shoe trees which we highly recommend. Shoe trees maintain the beauty of your shoes, hence is an essential accessory for the longevity of your classy shoes.



In India, we have attained undisputed leadership in shoes & bag care. We use innovative technology, advanced machinery  and equipment which are imported from Europe. Moreover, we use international tools and materials while treating your shoes and bags.

Pressto COBBLER is part of Pressto India which started operations in 2008 and now has more than 100,000 customers and over 42 stores in India having cleaned some 3 million garments. Pressto India is part of the global Pressto network with 530 stores in 27 countries and specializes in garment care including drycleaning, cleaning and steam pressing out of attractive and transparent stores at convenient locations. All garments are individually packed as per your choice and to preserve the superior quality we stand for.

Pressto Zapato Broucher - Bangalore

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