World class technology to make your favourite shoes and bags as good as new again!

Worn-out leather, damaged handles, lusterless look; these aren’t reasons to throw away your most cherished items. Infuse new life into your treasured collection of shoes, bags, belts and other precious accessories. Give them that expert refurb they’ve been craving for. We understand that your precious accessories don’t just occupy space in your closet, they also have a place in your heart. We make sure we preserve them for you, for as long as we can.

Our incomparable knowhow and human craftsmanship pair with cutting-edge technology and processes, to ensure absolutely zero damage to your accessory. Our skilled artisans don’t just reverse the wear and tear, but also revamp them until they are immaculate in their alikeness to the original creation. Our special solvents are mild and safe for delicate shoe/bag skins. So, you can place your trust in us and cast aside your worries.


Feel the difference while you make one too.

There is much more to Cobbler than what catches the eye. Our aim at Cobbler is to prolong the longevity of your cherished accessories. At the same time, we have processes in place that handle effluents responsibly. The environment is just as precious to us, as are your possessions.


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