Not just clean, Cobbler clean!

Post-care is a necessity. Our special solvents and other cleaning agents do it best! All under the supervision of highly skilled craftsmen, who first clean and steam the interlining, beautify each item, with a customized cleaning process that takes care of the in-sole, back sole, metal rims, laces, and disinfect it completely. This is followed with a polish, from a palette that boasts of 222 shades, to give your accessory the original colour that it came with.


Repair your favourite pair!

At Cobbler, we have invented an extensive mechanism of carefully dismantling battered soles of old shoes, stitch by stitch. We replace them with made-to-measure new soles. We also provide new heel tips that are hand-carved to perfection for better balance and support. If you’re up for some quirk, we’ve got a range of coloured tips to choose from, too!


Restore to store-like perfection!

Our restoring process takes care of your precious articles from end to end, fixing the cuts and scratches to reviving the piece altogether.  Our advanced in-house technology brings back the luster to your favourite leather, so that you don’t need to part ways with it. Our palette of 16 base colours can come together to create any shade of your choice, to restore your pigment leather. All this and more for a sparkling accessory that looks as good as new.


Colour therapy for your shoes and bags

Turn heads with every step, by elevating your trendsetting accessories. Every precious belonging that comes to us is restored like an exquisite piece of art. We don’t just make your accessory look like new again, but we also provide a makeover if you want them to look different, too! Rest assured, your precious possessions are in best hands.

5 steps to renew your bag, belt or shoe.

Step 1

Visit the flagship Cobbler store with your accessory that needs care.

Step 2

Watch us do a thorough inspection of your accessory for optimum results 

Step 3

Allow a patch test to ensure the accessory’s adaptability to our products  

Step 4

Get advised by our trained professionals on the processes to be undertaken for repair and care 

Step 5

Let our specialists take over to restore the lost luster of your accessories, and hand them over to you, as good as new.