globally acclaimed for our advanced technology, and eco-responsible cleaning solutions, pressto is here to deliver impeccable cleaning services every single time! whether you need a button fixed, your haute couture cleaned, leather-suede attires revamped, upholstery returned fresh, or a garment simply rejuvenated, pressto’s custom-made processes will do it for you. our team of skilled professionals carefully assess each and every garment, to select the right procedure that suits it best. so, your favourite dress and the memories attached with it, can be cherished for much longer. next time don’t just dry-clean your garments, pressto them instead.


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at pressto, we promise to care for your garments while caring for the earth. we don’t allow the stain to sustain, neither on your garments, nor on the planet.

  • reduction in landfills by extending the life of your apparel
  • biodegradable packaging for a healthier environment
  • elimination of harsher chemicals by using milder solvents
  • state-of-the-art equipment for advanced garment care that helps reduce pollution
  • solutions that help reduce energy and water overuse
  • responsible waste disposal so that it does not harm the environment