careful inspection:

individual attention and care given to each garment to understand its unique requirements

care can take you places:

such as to the smallest hems, missing buttons or flaws hidden deep inside. every garment is carefully evaluated, in order to discover the tiniest defects that need to be fixed. any other minor alteration is taken care of, on special request.

leave no stain unturned:

our expert care combined with specialized cleaning agents is designed to leave behind no stains on your clothes, or on the environment. in fact, we are the only ones who remove stains prior to cleaning the garments.

garment spa:

tailor-made dry-cleaning processes, by highly trained professionals, using gentle and green-clean methods. 

make em’ crisp: 

hand ironed or steam pressed to the highest standards, using a pneumatic iron board.

quality care: 

a thorough inspection with attention to finest detail, before packing for dispatch.

all ready: 

thoughtful, protective and compostable packaging to ensure that your garments return safe to your wardrobe.